Jessie Adopted!!!

Sweet Jessie thrown out of a moving car in a cage in a place called The Rock pit in Miami. We received a call in the middle of the night that Jesse needed medical after being attacked by a pack of dogs. She had puncture wounds on her back , very little hair on her body from being malnourished. We rushed to bring her into safety to the 24 hour pet emergency. She received all medical she was in a foster home with Robert then adopted then returned. Why? She peed on a rug. We took Jesse back, we placed her in another foster between Robert and Kristen fostering Jessie. Today she has found her forever home with Iris Cohen and her loving family. There is nothing that we will not do for each and everyone of our rescues . Today is a special day we celebrate the new life and the new beginning for Jesse. Thank you Robert. Thank You Kristen Eckblad. Thank you to all of you who support and donate to our cause to make these happy endings possible. 100 + abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida.


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