You ENTER by making a $2 donation through PayPal. You MUST put in the notes section Elijah raffle to ENTER TO win these custom-made Vans sneakers with Elijah’s gorgeous face on them.
Here is the link Please Donate Here to ENTER ⬇️
click donate $2 make sure you post in the section for notes Elijah raffle! F
rom his wonderful mommy TK SEE BELOW!
Hi Amy! It’s been 1 year since you chose to save Elijah and I wanted to honor you and your team by sponsoring a raffle with all the proceeds going to 100+. It’s my thank you for saving this courageous boy’s life. Each ticket is $2 and can be tallied by typing Elijah”raffle” in the notes portion of each PayPal donation. I personally will fill out a slip for each dollar donated in the person’s name and place it in a basket for a “live” drawing. The winner will receive a custom made pair of Vans sneakers with Elijah’s picture and anything else they want on them. The winner will help me design them (see my personal pair attached). I’ll also include many other gift items and a video call from Elijah and I no matter where you live. Total gift value over $200. You may purchase a raffle ticket through Friday, April 30. Good luck everyone and from the bottom of my heart, thank you all.Tk & ELIJAH 💙

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