It’s Louie’s turn!!!!

This is Louie, he is a very handsome 4 yr old Douge De Bordeaux mix male. Louie has had a very rough life, abused neglected and thrown in a lake to drown!!! Thankfully srgnt Rivera saw him and didn’t hesitate to jump in and save his life. Louie was hw +, he has now recovered and is healthy. He has forgiven every single abuse he suffered at the hands of humans. He loves every person he meets! He loves long walks and his absolute favorite thing to do is play in sprinklers! Because of his circumstances of abuse, neglect and hunger, he must be an only pet.
Please share this to find him a home or foster! LOUIE HAS BEEN WITH US OVER A YEAR!!! He has watched all the others come and go, he has seen others adopted while he gets left behind at every event,IT IS HIS TIME TO SHINE!!! If you cannot adopt or foster Louie SHARE, let’s actively participate in getting him home!
Sarah Martin thank you for this amazing video!!! We love our team!
To meet Louie call 1-877-506-8100 or

Click link to see his slideshow:

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