Its Betty and Clyde ….

These two alumni are having a lazy Sunday. Charley (fka Betty) and Clyde (fka Charlie Brown) are doing so amazing! Clyde is one of mommy Natala’s babies! Betty was found with Sheila in Maimi. Look how big Clyde is getting! Wow!
Forever Connected ~ Forever Family

Betty and Clyde Adopted

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  • Vicki and Henry Hutchinson says

    We will continue to support what you do.
    Whatever it takes, however long we will be your donors. I can’t believe what you ppl do for these abused, abandoned and neglected furbabies. Without you they would have all succumbed to their eventual death. It is what you do that inspires me. I may not be able to give every week but know you can count on my donations forever. God bless you !
    Without any doubt, your compassion is unmeasurable and we will never give up
    Hope! Vicki Hutchinson