It is absolutely killing me to write this post …

… it is taking everything I have to share this horrible sad news that I just received from BluePearl. We set out today to save a sweet little life named princess. I immediately had Tiffany rush to the shelter sitting in traffic for hours then sitting in traffic for hours on the way back to get her into the 24-hour emergency hospital. I even reached out to our board certified surgeon to get everything in place so we could prepare and have surgery to remove this nasty ugly tumor from her frail tiny little body due to being overbred & not spayed. Everything was set in place to only find out 10 minutes ago after radiographs were taken her entire body is nothing but cancer. I share this with a completely shattered heart I didn’t have the energy to do a video but I wanted to update everyone and thank you all for contributing to help us try to save her. Little princess did not die alone in a cold shelter kennel alone. She’s in loving arms and she will pass peacefully knowing that her life mattered. We will be saving another little life in memory of princess. Rest in Eternal peace until we meet again princess.
Amy 💔💔

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