I must tell you …

There is truly No greater reward than this from a Rescuers heart. We put our whole hearts & soul into each and every one of our rescues. When it comes time to let go it is so bittersweet. This is the sweet. Our hearts are overjoyed and bursting for our little Carly. Joanne we could not have dreamed of a more perfect loving forever home for our sweet girl. We are so grateful & thankful for you. This update says it All. This baby girl has endured so much in her short life.
Heartworm positive pregnant giving birth to a deceased puppy and then losing a 5 week old puppy because he was underdeveloped. Today truly starts her new life with nothing but unconditional love where she will be safe and adored like the little princess she deserves to be.
We love you Carly You are Home ❤
From Mommy Joanne Hi Amy, just a quick update on Carly she’s doing fantastic. Rudy is trying to make friends with her slowly. She was so cute I got up and I put her down on the floor to go into the kitchen and she jumped back up in my seat and waited for me to come back in. She loves sleeping in the bed she’s already sleeping next to me, her and Dale have already gone to bed for the evening. 🐾💞🐾 I’ll never be able to thank you enough for this little bundle of love. I hope you’re having a great evening. More updates later…🐾💞🐾

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