I am so Grateful & Humbled!

Thank you Lynn for this beautiful Reminder.
Hi Amy.
I feel compelled to write this message to you, you are doing an amazing job here you beautiful soul. Do not apologise for showing human emotions crying etc, honestly Amy we are all crying with you, you will never be alone you have an army with you. Don’t ever think you are on your own.
Elijah has captured the world hearts and we know how hard this must be for you. To watch it,is hard from afar so to have to be the chosen angel who is saving him it must be devastatingly heart breaking. Just remember that for every bandage and piece of machinery that is applied to him,isn’t bad or scary, just try to think of them as his friends that are saving his life. Every piece of equipment he has and procedure he has done no matter how hard it is, is another step to him getting his life back. He has fought a good fight to be here. No matter how scary it all is you and your team helped him to get to this point. Every time you think of what he has endured try to stay focused instead on his progress and what a life he is going to have . I know it is so easy to say this when you are not directly involved and seeing it in real life. But he will pull threw thanks to all of you. If it wasn’t for all of you guys he wouldn’t have had a chance. You must do what you do best and focus on his recovery that is where he needs you right now, you do this so well.
But please never apologise for being human you will shed tears and be distraught it is the sign of you being a good caring person. You will never be alone you have us all watching your back.
Now go do what you do best. Straighten your little halo 😇 and don’t be so hard on yourself. You have us all to catch you when you fall. Xx
Please hope you are not offended by this message just felt I had to reach out to you, as you are so heart broken,I just needed you to know you are not alone xxx
Take care Lynne xxxxxx ❤️
A special Thank you to Andrea for this perfect photo

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