Hi, it’s me Disco,

Hi, it’s me Disco,
Where is my forever family? My first family gave me away when they decided to move and not take me with them. My second family never came for me after I was picked up by animal control and was placed in a kill shelter. 100 + abandoned dogs of everglades Florida came to my Rescue from the kill shelter over 1 year ago
Today I am in a boarding facility waiting and dreaming of a family of my own. I get walked daily and I am grateful for the love I receive from the rescue. My one wish is to have my very own family where I am the only pet. I love my walks, I love to cuddle. 2 yrs of age and I have so much love to give. It’s lonely here. Where is my family? Thank you for listening
Please share my plea. Love Disco.
100 + abandoned dogs of everglades Florida

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