Hey guys, Layla here….

All by myself….. I wanted to let you know I’m getting worried. I’ve been in boarding for 10 months 15 days now. Everyone saved me from the abusive place I was in but now all my friends are finding homes while my funding is running out. I worked so hard to be a good girl 😭.
Please please I can give kisses and play, I love meeting new people and new dogs. I just don’t understand why no one wants me…. Please share my story I just know my parents are out there 😞 they just need help finding me… I hope….. Please feel free to contact TSF or 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida
Hey guys Layla here again! I’ve got some good news! I spoke with my trainers and showed them all your wonderful comments. They said if the right person comes forward im ok to to travel for my new home!!! Can you imagine if I get to see snow for the first time!!! PS My trainers wanted me to remind everyone that I come with written instructions on how to continue my training, a bed, toys, and bowls….. I’m fully vaccinated and up to date on all medical! All I need is you ❤!

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