Calling out to our community of angels! HELP! WE HAVE A SITUATION. Our beloved Disco has an injury that requires surgery, a partial ACL tear. As you all know, we do everything and anything for these dogs. We will of course do her surgery, but this is where YOU come in!!! SHE NEEDS A PLACE TO HEAL! A LOCAL TEMPORARY FOSTER WITH NO OTHER ANIMALS. Most of us on here have animals, our request to you, our army of angels is to share this post like crazy so it can end up in the eyes of a compassionate soul with no pets who can provide a calm environment for our girl to heal! She will be having surgery December 7th in am and will be ready to go home that evening. LET’S WORK AS A TEAM AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN. She needs a calm home to recuperate not a kennel!
I challenge you to help us find this special angel to fulfill this mission. To help contact : or call 561-860-3783

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