Help us help them!!!

We went to save one blind dog off of an ad from Craigslist and we came back with 7 dogs four being 5 day old puppies! Please go to our Facebook page ( and be part of the $5.00 CHALLENGE to help save these 7 lives. Foster’s and donations are desperately needed! Late last night we answered an ad on Craigslist for Petra. She is a two year old female dog, not spayed and living outside, completely blind and getting ready to be given away to anyone that came and answered the ad. When we arrived on this location at midnight late last night there were also two terriers, both female, both having nipplesĀ and very young . One just had 4 puppies, 5 days ago old. The second scruffy terrier we were told had her puppies taken from her on a location on a property in Hollywood. So, we ended up coming back with 7 dogs last night. The video is below with all details. This makes 19 lives saved in just one week. We are desperate for fosters! We are desperate for donations! With over one hundred and twelve thousand supporters, together we can do this. If each supporter donated $5, imagine what we could do together! How many lives we could save! This is a plea, this is a challenge, a $5 challenge!!!!

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Please Donate so we can continue A 501c3 Org

If you can help by fostering we are begging please contact us at 877-506-8100 ext 1 or


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