Help! Find Disco a loving home or Foster.

Help! Find Disco a loving home or Foster.
This is How AMAZING our volunteers are!
Jo Ellen Newman Shomer one of our 100 + Crew hired her friend Madeleine to dog sit her dogs so she could break our Disco out of her kennel for the day and night. She is Not doing well in boarding. Let down by her owner still waiting for a place to call home. Must be only pet. Amazing with children and people. House trained and so good in a home. Best cuddle bug
Thank you in advance. We are all she has. We are her only voice. From Joellen ” Disco is having the time of her life. Just spent 20 minutes in my girlfriend’s backyard running like the wind. She played with toys and balls and she needed so bad to get all that energy out. And now on to the barbecue where she’s waiting for her steak. We are spending the night here and I will be bringing her back to Imperial Point to boarding in the morning. I love her so much
Spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.
Located in Fort Lauderdale FL


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