Hartley update

EMERGENCY! PLEASE HELP BY DONATING We just received a call this boy was hit by a car dragging his back end on the streets of Miami crying in pain bleeding. Please he is being rushed to the 24-hour animal hospital now for Diagnostics he cannot walk we will need to get him to the neurologist for a MRI we are begging for your help please no amount is too small we cannot continue without your love your support for our ongoing mission thank you in advance. We have given him the name Hartley.
Please Donate Here Paypal. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick…
Mailing address is
100 plus Animal Rescue Inc 345
East commercial Blvd
Oakland Park Florida 33334

1 Comment on "Hartley update"

  • Reetta says

    Thanks for the update! My heart broke when I heard about Heartley.
    I have a nice scarf for him to mail.
    I hope he gets well soon and
    Is comfortable.
    It was my nightmare to hear that
    He was screaming out of pain on the street.
    Tlc patience strength Tlc Tlc Tlc Tlc