Happy New Year to everyone and their pets!!

Please follow and share these 11 safety tips to keep your pets safe from the Firework s tonight and from the random firework s your neighbors will be setting off.
11 Safety Tips for New Years Eve!!!!
1. Leave your pets at home for the firework s/festivities.
2. Secure your pet in an enclosed room or kennel while not home.
3. Don’t leave pets unattended outside, even in a fenced in yard. There will be random fireworks going off during the day, tonight and possibly for the next couple days.
4. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with current ID tags and that your microchip info is correct with the chip company.
5. Take profile photos of your pets standing on all fours, just in case you need to make a lost pet sign.
6. Have the TV’s & radios on loud in all room to help drown out the firework s.
7. Put up baby gates in front of the doors to prevent an escape or to give you a two second head start if they try to escape.
8. Keep your pets secured in a bedroom if company is coming over so they cannot sneak out when opening and closing the doors.
9. Walk your dog hours prior to the firework s and please use a martingale collar & leash at all times. If you have a gps on your pets collar, make sure the battery is charged.
10. Keep your pets inside during the fireworks.
***How to create a 100% scent article of your pet in case they go missing and tracking dogs are needed. ***
11. Put a new pair of gloved on, take a few pieces of sterile gauze, rub all over your pets body for 30 seconds ( stay away from the mouth/face, too much bacteria). Put the gauze in a new ziplock bag, write the name of the pet on the outside of the bag, and put in a drawer or cabinet for safe keeping. You now you have a 100% scent article of your pet just in case you need to use dogs to track them.

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