This is Matty, who we adopted from 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida five years ago. He was my son’s 10th birthday gift, and we love him so much. He is just the sweetest dog and brings us so much joy. It is just such a great feeling to see him play with his toys, eat a treat that he loves, or just curl up on a comfy blanket. It’s impossible to not grab him when he walks by and just scratch his belly, hold him, and give him tons of love. Who knows what would have happened to him had Amy’s foundation not found him and rescued him from the streets, abandoned, hungry, without a home, and with nobody to love him?
Amy and 100+ A.D.E. make it so easy to adopt one of their rescues. They make sure your pet and you or your family are a good fit for each other. They care so much about the animals, providing medical care, food, comfortable housing, love, and, in some cases, finding foster homes for their rescues until they are adopted. I would highly recommend this fine organization if you are considering adopting a pet, which is truly a selfless act of love and kindness. Kudos, Amy and your entire staff, for working tirelessly to help homeless, abandoned, injured, and abused animals find their forever homes. Blessings to everyone there, and please keep up the phenomenal work! ROGER & FAMILY ♡

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