Happy 2 year Anniversary to our girl Bowie and her awesome family!!

Happy 2 year Anniversary to our girl Bowie and her awesome family!! Bowie has the most captivating eyes and soul. She is pure love! It’s bittersweet how we came across Bowie. We want to share this longer story with everyone. 2 years ago, while we were at the animal hospital with one of our other girls, Roxy, who was in surgery due to a massive infection that had gone untreated, beautiful Bowie came in. She was found abandoned in a known dog fighting area, left tied to a tree. She had several litters so we assume she was used for breeding. She was in heat, limping…With Roxy in surgery still, we said we couldn’t take Bowie unless we knew she was dog friendly and heartworm negative because we were drowning in vet bills treating others for heartworm disease. We tested Bowie and found her to be extremely dog friendly, loving, playful and heartworm negative so we took her into our rescue! However, just as we said yes to Bowie, the doctor came out to tell us that we needed to let our Roxy go. When they started surgery they quickly realized there was nothing that could have done to save her life. The infection was too far spread. Roxy was too far neglected and abused. We had to make the painful decision to let her go in peace. As we sat crying for Roxy, we realized… it was almost as if Roxy had sent another sweet and beautiful girl to take her place. One life lost as another life was saved. We think of our Roxy when we see our Bowie. Bowie is the definition of love and has the best life!! We know our Roxy is playing in peace looking down wagging her tail for Bowie’s 2 year Adoptiversary.┬áThis is rescue!
Forever Connected ~ Forever Family

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