Happy 1 year Anniversary to Baby (fka Bambi) and BooBoo!!

What a rescue this was!! Happy 1 year Anniversary to Baby (fka Bambi) and BooBoo!! The picture on the left is the picture that we got of these two pups abandoned in the parking lot of a restaurant. They had been lingering around there for weeks eating whatever they could to survive waiting for their owner who dumped them to return. It wasn’t an easy rescue. BooBoo was so happy to be saved, he was so sweet and came up to us as we were trying to throw pieces of chicken in his direction. Baby on the other hand would not come close enough. We waited for hours trying to make her feel comfortable to come close. She then took off and we weren’t able to find her. We brought BooBoo to the vet that night and the very next morning set out again to find Baby. We sat the entire day waiting for her but she never came. We then brought BooBoo with us on the next try and as soon as we took BooBoo out of the car, Baby came running out of no where!! She was so happy to see BooBoo. It’s was one of the sweetest moments!! Their bond is so strong!! They are inseparable! Here’s to many more years of sloppy kisses and wiggly tails!!
Forever Connected ~ Forever Family

Bambi and Booboo adopted4 - 1 year anniversary

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