Hannah update…

3 Months ago we Received an Email from the Miami-Dade Animal Services kill shelter. Hannah was severely Anemic and Emaciated.
Hannah was to be killed at 4pm if nobody came for her. We 100 + Abandoned Dogs Of Everglades Florida looked into her big sad soulful eyes and we knew we couldn’t turn away. Our Crew drove on a Sunday to break her out and bring Hannah immediately to the 24 hr Animal hospital to give her the best chance possible. After a month we were called in to discuss euthanasia. Our hearts were beyond shattered. We decided Not to Euthanize and keep trying. Medication after medication. We are so grateful that Hannah spoke to us that day as she did the day we received the email and knew she needed us. Look at Hannah Today! No more Ribs! Doing Fantastic in her wonderful Foster home with Ron & Deana! They call her Stella now. To us she will Always be our Sweetest Hannah.
100 + Abandoned Dogs Of Everglades Florida

Hannah - shepherd mix Hannah - shepherd mix5

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