Handsome Hector is so sad while he waits…

Good morning! I had a hard time sleeping, as we do most nights. This time it’s Hector! We had a potential foster and unfortunately it’s not a good match. We are heart broken Hector is getting so depressed! Then I think with over 100,000 followers someone has to know someone that knows someone who doesn’t have any pets and is willing to help save a life! Hector needs OUT!! Foster or adopter, just out! Will you please help change this boy’s life. Rescue starts with the pull, but what makes us real is the follow through! We are BEGGING, please help us find Hector’s angel! If you can’t or don’t know anyone who can JUST HIT SHARE! ONE CLICK CAN CHANGE HIS LIFE!
We don’t know who’s page he could end up on and it could change his life! Hector is so loving, protective and devoted, that he must be your only pet!
Here is our handsome Hector, pulled at the last minute from MDAS kill shelter. He was a confiscation case, which means he was abused and neglected enough for authorities to get involved. Hector came to us with every single bone on his body showing, yet has not once shown any food aggression!! Hector is an old soul! Even though he is 2-3 yrs old he has seen and endured much more than he should of. Now he is safe, he is thriving physically, but his heart is broken. He has so much love to give! All he wants is to be near you. Please Share Hector, help us show him it’s ok, that he can trust and love and feel safe in human arms. Hector is potty trained and very low maintenance, he literally wants to curl up near you and nap most of the time. Please open your home and heart to this very special boy. Because of his life circumstances, Hector will be best as an only child. To inquire about Hector call 877-506-8100 or 561-860-3783.


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