Good Night from Sonny and Cher

Good Night from Sonny and Cher

Let’s all work together to find this Amazing Bonded pair sonny & cher their forever loving home.

2 Comments on "Good Night from Sonny and Cher"

  • Bernadette Wright says

    These 2 are so sweet& I am sorely tempted. My husband is 82& I am 72. Tho we are active wonder if we are active enough for young dogs. We have 2 rescued dogs. One is around 5& super sweet & the other was rescued from Miami streets. He is covered in scars& missing teeth & had a very hard life before hw got here. He is also about 5. Both are dog friendly. How big will the 2 get? Mine are 62& 46 pounds. Medium size kids. How about those 2?

  • Tammy, 100+ Crew Member says

    Hi Bernadette – they are full size, around 10lbs and adorable!