Good morning to all of our amazing supporters

I have decided to create a post in Hope to better explain as to why and how we do our adoption process. There seems to be a lot of questions that are being lost in the threads and confusion. When we post a dog in need on our page WE Post our email address and a contact number. Please understand we are so grateful when we do become inundated on one individual dog. With this being said we have a process we do not just hand dogs over to anybody we do a thorough home check and a meet-and-greet with any existing animals in a potential home. We have received countless emails applications and calls for Chloe. We are trying to answer each and every one of them the best that we possibly can. The calls are coming in all hours of the day and night. Chloe is currently in a loving Foster until we find a forever home. We will not and do not rush the process our focus is to find Chloe and any other rescue the best home and best fit. We have set up a home check and meet and greet for Chloe on Saturday morning. Until this is done we will not know her availability. With this being said over a hundred emails and applications if Chloe is adopted Saturday we will not and cannot respond back to each and every person that inquired. We just don’t have the Manpower. Ella the black lab again we have received many calls texts private notifications and emails. Ella had a meet and greet with a previous adopter she was spayed the other day and she will be going to their home to make sure everything is a great fit. Again we do not know her status until we actually do this meet and greet at their home as dogs can be great out of their homes and different in their home environment. Please be patient with us we are doing the very best that we can with all the calls all the emails all the texts and the private notifications on Facebook. If you are interested in adopting or fostering we ask that you fill out an application from our website,
You may also email us with the dog of Interest your name a little bio of yourself and a contact number.
If we find a home for that particular dog by the second email and there are a hundred or two hundred if we do not get back to you that means the dog is not available that it was adopted. Again we apologize for any confusion we are trying to answer everyone the best we can we answer as they come in. We do not transport dogs out of state any way shape or form we will not put a dog on a transport we will not put a dog on a plane as we stated we must meet the family and any existing pets in the home and do a thorough home check. We appreciate your love and your support. 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida


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