Good Morning from Tuti!!!

No more cone!! No more staples!! Just a high yeast concentration that we are dealing with..she’s just about ready for her forever home! Tuti is 3 years of age. Spayed vaccinated and microchipped. Get your applications in now! We will be going through each application thoroughly. She will need to go to a home with an experienced bulldog owner do to her skin issues. Bulldogs are not for first time dog owners, and they are not for everyone they require a lot of extra love and care oh, and they can be costly as they get older with health issues. but we know there are a million bulldog lovers out there who would jump at the chance to have this little baby in their home. You can go to our website at 100plusAbandoneddogs.Org and fill out the application. A little happy on this Saturday morning while we wait the impending hurricane.WE DO NOT SHIP OR TRANSPORT WE ARE LOCATED IN THE FORT LAUDERDALE FLORIDA AREA 100PLUSABANDONEDDOGS@GMAIL.COM

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