Good morning from Sweet Lego

Lego was Abandonded in Miami with a missing back paw alone on the streets scared & hungry. After being beaten with a metal pole on his head leaving him severely injured our rescue stepped up to cover his medical at Knowles 24 hr animal hospital. Lego went under surgery to repair his wounds along with iv fluids antibiotics and a neuter. Lego is recovering beautifully & is in need of a forever loving home. He is young healthy & as sweet as they come. Our rescue is completely full to capacity at this time.
Please if you can offer this Amazing boy a place to call home Please reach out to us at We cannot thank each and everyone of you who donated & allowed us to save this sweet boys life. Amy & our 100 + Team.

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  • Deborah Burr says

    May I suggest a helpful thought. I adopted a dog that was hit by a car, treated at vet school in Gainesville. She had half a foot. When it would get wet there was always the possibility of infection because the skin was so thin on the bottom of the “foot.”
    I’m sharing what I did to help her 20 years ago. I had Ruff’s Saddle Shop design an almost diaper design of leather that would cover the foot just over the base of the leg. I put In holes for short shoe laces. Best part, I would glue a flat sink stopper to the bottom outside of this tennis shoe. Next, I would cover her foot with a cut off sock with an extra inch of cloth. Wrap it with tape. I liked the pink stretch wrap. Girly for the big boxer. I would fold the extra sock over the top of the boot.
    I had several of these made to change out every few days or after she went out on a rainy day. The sink stopper gave her grip on the ground instead of the smooth leather along with morning and late evening protection from few. The socks provided soft protection and air flow.
    I’m obviously not a vet. I was an elementary school teacher in Lake County.