Good Morning from Baby Joy!!!

I know you all have been dying for an update, and sadly I have been slacking on the live videos, cause it has been a crazy few weeks. But here are a few pics of our girl to hold you over. Her skin is healing, her hair has started to grow in, she was moved into the bedroom with us, and at night she is safely in a big pen for sleepy time. Her personality has really started to shine! She LOVES her toys!! And she LOVES commandeering all the beds in the house! She just moves all her toys to whichever bed she wants to use at that moment, including Tanya’s big brown bed, which Tanya allowed her to take over with no issue. She has a follow up Dr Apt coming up in about a week to recheck her skin and bloodwork, so we will update you guys when we are at the Dr on how everything is progressing. But as you can see in these photos, she is a happy, playful, loving puppy! As she should have always been!
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