Good Morning! Fiona Update!

Some pics and video of their 5yr old son working on training with her and mom ❤️🐶🐾
Morning! She had a great night! She won’t poop on our walks, but will in the yard. She is sooooo good on the leash! I bring the training bites with me and she sits willingly when I ask her to, even while another dog is passing us like 10 feet away. No barking through fences while we walk too! She slept between our bed and the couch last night.Our daughter is loving the attention. LoL Fiona kind of ignores her when she goes into her squealy mode, and I think Kylah notices that and then wants Fiona’s attention, so she’s been getting a toy and bringing it over to her and telling her she’s a good girl. LoL 😂 She’s Lizard chasing bright and early this am!
She fits right in with the basketball crew! (That was an old ball that already had a hole in it, so it’s perfect because she can grab it)
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