God whispered in little Auntie Shelly’s ear.

He told her it was time to reclaim her name “Butterfly”. A short time ago she gently took her last breath, spread her little wings and flew from my arms over the rainbow bridge and into Gods waiting arms.
Fly free my precious little Butterfly. Fly into a life where there is no pain, no suffering and no mean people to hurt you ever again. Fly into a new life where you are surrounded by love, can run and play, have good health and lots of pretty dresses. While our new family only had a short time together, you brought so much joy to our hearts. While I wanted to love you longer, We are forever grateful to 100 Plus Abandoned Dogs of Everglades for pulling this little angel from the back room of the Miami Kill Shelter so that she didn’t die alone and for giving us this time of smiles, strength and pure love.Oh sweet little Butterfly 🦋💕 fly high with the beautiful angels. Sandra Shock you will Forever be her guardian Angel sent Xoxo

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