God received another Angel Today

We lost our sweet Tasha Today
Sadly with all our efforts, God had another plan I guess. Failed by humans yet loved by so many.
Found Abandoned, emaciated near death on the streets of Miami. There was nothing we would not have done to give Tasha every chance at a life without pain, suffering or sadness. Despite all our efforts along with the countless Dr’s we lost our Sweet Tasha. She went into cardiac arrest and the Dr. Brought her back. Second time again went into cardiac arrest she was gone. The only peace we have is knowing Tasha knew and felt unconditional love with us. For that we are grateful. Our hearts are Broken & heavy. Today God Received another Angel Named Tasha. Rest in peace sweet Girl. Until we see you again.
Thank you for all your love & support, without it we could not do what we do. 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida.

Tasha RIP

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