God Received another Angel, Our sweet Cameron

Our sweet Cameron (camcam) we rescued him over 2 years ago from the Miami Dade animal Services kill shelter. Set to be killed in April on Easter day. 2 years ago with a severe heartmurmer every day was a gift. Camcam you stole so many hearts with your quirky fun personality. You will Always have a very special place in my heart, Amy ❤ We would like to say a very special Thank you to his Guardian Angel & mommy Felecia Maria who loved our Cameron & gave him the most amazing life while taking care of his medical needs. We honestly had no idea how much time little Cameron would have due to his medical. With unconditional love he lived 2years from the day we rescued him. Every single day is a gift for all of us. We are not promised tomorrow.
Cam cam if Love could have saved you, you would have lived 4-Ever. Until we meet again little man.
We love you ❤
100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida

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