God received another Angel Her Name is Chelsea.

God received another Angel  Her Name is Chelsea.

God received another Angel
Her Name is Chelsea. We rescued Chelsea from the Miami-Dade Animal Services kill shelter. A loving & wonderful family came to meet Chelsea & fell in love instantly. They wanted a family dog that would grow up with their children and be with them for a very long time. Sadly while we make our plans God has his own. Jody and her wonderful family loved and adored Chelsea like a child. Late last night I received a text, Chelsea was rushed into the emergency animal hospital and was diagnosed with a massive tumor on her liver. They could not stabilize her and had to say goodbye to Chelsea. Their hearts are broken, they are grieving as we are. We truly believe this family were Angels sent to show Chelsea the true definition of unconditional love for however long she had left. God places things in our path and we truly believe he gives us what he thinks we can handle. Chelsea knew nothing but unconditional love because of this wonderful family. Although she appeared to look young she was a middle-aged dog. We would like to say thank you and to let this family know that we are here for them during this grieving process. Our 100 + Team are grieving right by their side. Chelsea your life mattered and you will forever be in our hearts and in our memories. Rest Easy Sweet Chelsea. Until we meet again. ♡
100 + Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida

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