God Received a very special Angel – our sweet Mabel

Our little Mabel in her senior yrs dumped at the Miami Dade kill shelter. We pulled her to safety and we found her the most amazing loving Mommy and Daddy. She had brothers and sisters she would cuddle in bed with them. I truly believe Ken & Barbie 2 foster Angels sent erased her entire horrible past. She passed peacefully in her sleep in her little bed. If love could have saved you Mabel you would have lived forever.
Until we meet again babygirl.

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  • PEGI H LARSON says

    Sweet little Mabel…. how I wish I had known such an angel! I may not have known you personally, darlin’ but that doesn’t stop me from having fallen in love with you! Such a special little girl, and so worthy of love. I will see you on a future day, Mabel…. I’ll introduce you to my own babies who are waiting for me, and then all of us can play together and love each other.. Until that day, my sweet little friend. Many hugs and kisses to our beloved Mabel. From Pegi