God has called River Home

It is with a heavy heart we inform you we lost little River late last night.
God has called River Home. After rushing to the Miami Dade animal Services kill shelter yesterday to pull little River to safety, we immediately took him to the 24 hour animal hospital. He received radiographs, iv fluids, bloodwork and was kept to be monitored. Late last night I received a call from the dr. He was Deteriorating very quickly. Myself & shelly rushed to the hospital to see little River & speak with the Team of Dr.’s. River was limp & lifeless. He couldn’t hold up his head or take 1 single step. The dr. Believe it was neurological possible brain tumor which was progressively getting worse by the minute. We laid with River letting him know how much he was loved & his life mattered. River passed so peacefully in our arms as we told him we loved him & it was ok to let go.
He did not die alone in a cold cage in a scary shelter environment. River has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge & is now free if any pain or suffering. If love could have saved you River, you would have lived Forever. Rest in Eternal peace sweet Boy.
We had him privately cremated & he will return home to us. Thank you for your love & support for allowing us to continue to save so many that need us.
Until we meet again River.
AMY & OUR 100 + TEAM

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