FUN! That’s me in a word!

FUN! That’s me in a word! Single, fun-loving, petite, beautiful brown-eyed girl seeks forever relationship. Everybody who meets me loves me and I love everybody! I’m athletic and have a passion for swimming but if that’s not your thing, I love toys; they can make a relationship so much fun! We can play or run together and then cuddle on the couch with my head in your lap to make for a perfect day. Present me with a few treats and I’ll be eating out of your hand before you know it. If you don’t have small children (sometimes I get excited and knock them over) and you’re looking for a free-spirited girl who will be your loving, devoted companion, then let’s get this relationship started!!
Don’t waste any time! Call 877-506-8100 and ask for Cupcake.
I might even get along with your dog with proper introduction. I think cats are toys and I like to chase them, so it’s best if you don’t have one of those. 😼
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