From the Mayor of Tamarac

Michelle J Gomez in reference to the dog living in the Garage Hi there! I posted a response on the thread about the dog in Tamarac, but I cannot see it on the thread. I wanted to send it to you to ensure the community is updated on the situation.”Thank you to Mayor Ziade, and a couple of others, for bringing this matter to my attention and to all those concerned. Today, this matter was looked into by three separate agencies – Broward County Animal Control, Broward Sheriff’s Office, and City of Tamarac Code Enforcement. Each conducted an investigation. The reports all reveal that the dog appears in good health and is active. There are no signs of distress or abuse. When I first learned of this matter this afternoon, I had the same questions and comments about a garage, 75 degrees, and South Florida heat..… I spoke directly with the Sargent after he left the property. He advised me the owners cooperated with the investigations and demonstrated that the garage is temperature-controlled through an open door that allows A/C into their garage. There are fans, food, and water in the garage as well, and the dog is not in there at all times. As a mom to 6 rescued furbabies (4 dogs and 2 cats), animal abuse is not tolerated. While we may not like the idea of the dog being in the garage, we should be happy that there is no evidence of abuse, and the dog was playful and happy. Thank you to @100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida and all those who look out for and protect our furbabies.

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