For All you Rosie Lovers!

Morning Update! Honestly, no better way to wake up than receiving a Happy text like this.
From Rosies new mommy Anna & Daddy Sam.
she loves her yard. Has to explore every corner for critters and has treed a few squirrels! Lol! My neighbor has mini goats two doors down and she is fascinated with their noises! She has been an angel, no accidents in the house, plays hard for about an hour and then sleeps for a couple. Touches my heart to see her sleep so sound and secure, I am sure outside that was not the case. She loves shoes and will go in the bedroom and run out with one from the closet ALL PROUD OF HERSELF, sooo cute! And I do have to watch her with food on the counter. She is amazing and everyone that passed her up lost out big time! She slept in her bed that she is in love with that was where she wanted to be. Loves her stuffies and I have ordered a bunch of new ones with her supplements, they are in the way!

Rosie Adopted Rosie adopted1

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