Every rescuer is faced with a question.

Sometimes the question comes from within and sometimes it comes from outside sources. How can you go on when you see so much sadness? How do you handle seeing the depths of evil in humanity? These are the moments when the answers come easy. When you see the forgiveness, love and gratefulness from an innocent soul who has been beaten, broken and battered. Their love is like kryptonite. I believe you must maintain humility and understand that God put these beautiful animals here on Earth. I believe that there is a love that no human ever has or ever will possess that these animals can provide. They survive the most unimaginable atrocities and still find a way to forgive and love. There’s a saying “Everyone thinks they have the best dog in the world and none of them are wrong “There’s just no other love that compares. This is a photo of Blake and his rescuer. Blake is a bait Dog who was found clinging to life just in the nick of time. Some are lucky and some are not so lucky. We have had so many examples of this. Elijah who was clinging to life being eaten alive by maggots, he made it and he is a living example! There were some that didn’t make it and we have to believe there was a better journey that awaited them. This photo is Blake thanking his rescuer for giving him a second chance. What Blake doesn’t know is that his love and forgiveness will be an example in his rescuer’s life and everyone who knows his story. Dogs like Blake rescue us. They give us hope and they show us resilience. We may never understand why humanity can be so evil but we do know one thing for sure, God knew what he was doing when he made a dog.
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