Ellie rushed to the LVS …

She started bleeding after her spay. No fault of the doctor as this can happen according to the 24 hr veterinarian specialists who did not perform her spay. We are so grateful our Ellie has made it though her surgery to repair the vessel that was bleeding. Unfortunately her surgery was between 3,000 and 5,000 dollars to save her life. Any donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your love & support. Please remember we rescued this dog from the most unimaginable living conditions. We have no idea what they have endured in their life. When we rescue these dogs and take them under our wings and we make a promise to them to give them anything and everything they may need to restore them and give them a second chance at life without pain and suffering. Ellie is a perfect example. We rescued Ellie two weeks before Christmas in rural Everglades of Miami. Her eyes were so infected they were glued shut and her body was frail. We took her to the eye specialist, Dr. Susan Carastro, who has restored her eyes almost back to normal. We have listened to Ellie’s cries from her kennel that have ripped our hearts out of our chests. Today she went in for a routine spay and all her blood work was completely normal prior to surgery. Her surgery went perfectly fine. We decided to bring her to a 24 hour Animal Hospital after we saw she was a little lethargic and wanted her to be monitored overnight. Thank God we did as that’s how we found out on of her blood vessels had burst and Ellie was bleeding internally. This is no fault of the doctor that performed her spay. We did what was needed to save Ellie. I’m not going to say when I saw the bill I didn’t nearly have a heart attack. But this is part of rescue. Responsible rescue is the follow through. So please donate anything you can to help us help Ellie.

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