DNA!!! Do Not Adopt

DNA!!! Do Not Adopt To Camilo Vera!
Returned yesterday. Ivy, dog friendly, little under 1 yr of age.
Her Adopter has not only failed ivy, he lied about everything. Camilo Vera will be on a DNA Do not adopt list. When we originally adopted to him he had a letter signed by his landlord stating the breed was not an issue at all. Ivy was to go to work with him everyday. All of this changed we found out yesterday at 5 o’clock Ivy has been locked in his condo apartment for13 Plus hours alone. He is complaining she’s destructive IMAGINE THAT! His landlord is giving him issues about her barking wonder why when a dog is left 13 hours alone trapped in an apartment with no break. She was not on preventative for 8 months. Thankfully all her blood work came back perfect. He pulled up to imperial point animal hospital to surrender her while she drove in the back of his pickup truck with no leash on!! I don’t understand how people can turn and how we can be fooled by these evil people. It is disheartening and so disappointing. We are so thankful that Ivy is back with us and that we will find her the perfect forever home that we promised her back in October. https://m.facebook.com/story.php…

Please share and if interested in meeting Ivy, contact us at 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com or
100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida
What does not break us makes us stronger and wiser!!

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