Dear Santa Paws, It’s me Layla

I hope this letter gets to you in enough time to help me with my Christmas wish. I have been at The Sanson Foundation for 11 1/2 months now. My life before coming here was very abusive and hopeless. This year has been one of transition for me because I finally have friends that understand me and motivate me to be the bestest girl I can be. I have graduated my training program and continue to work daily on everything I have learned.
Santa, could you please help spread the word about me and my story? I know there is someone out there that will understand me and want to keep me forever and ever. My friends here tell me I’m the best girl at being their shadow….whatever that means 🤔. I guess it’s good because they always say it with a smile followed by lots of hugs and kisses.
Santa, will you please help me and my TSF friends to find my forever home no matter how near or far it is?
100+abandoned dogs of everglades florida
Noah’s Rescue

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