Cruelty case address is 1619 NW 6th place 33311 – The Police say there’s nothing they can do

THIS IS OK???? THE POLICE OFFICER STATED THERE IS NOTHING!!! HE CAN DO! OFFICER K. Somma shame on you IT IS YOUR DUTY AS AN OFFICER TO DO THE RIGHT THING, SOMETHING! NOT TURN A BLIND EYE AS YOU DID. After a shutdown the camera I turned the corner there was the animal control officer and this canine officer talking I got out of my car looked him dead in the eye and called him a liar as he told me there was no animal control officer insight. I then asked the animal control officer if she had left and come back she said no she never left so now we have a liar on top of an officer does not want do his job and tend to an animal that is in clear distress, animal cruelty as you can see with your own eyes. Our system is broken it is failing and it will continue to fail until something is done

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