Courtesy Post – lets save this boy from going to the shelter!

I do not even know how to begin other than the fact I just received a phone call with a woman crying begging for help. her boyfriend has lost his home and has no place to go with his 4 year old Shar Pei mix named sharpi. They got this dog as a puppy for their handicapped child. the couple has since split and the dog is caught in the middle with no place to go. as I SAT and I explained to her how angry I felt I was not here to judge her or anyone for that matter. I’m here to help sharpi the best I can. I explained to her the situation of the shelters the killings that are going on day in and day out. I explained to her that most rescues are full. we are always begging for fosters and adopters. Now we are beging all of you. This 4 year old sweet dog loves elderly people, loves children. completely vetted, house trained basically used for therapy dog is about to be tossed out unless we can find a loving home for her. There is very little time to make this happen which is why I am reaching out to all of you. please we can’t sit here and judge, we can all try to pull together to find a home for this dog in need. educated her for over an hour that we are living in a throwaway society how very sad. so very sad for these animals that were not asked to be taken in and then to be discarded like trash. so now I ask all of you please share share and share we have less than a week to find a home for this incredibly sweet dog who is described to be perfection. If you can offer Sharpi a place to call home please we are begging reach out to all of you. 561-860-3783

Amy I want to thank you for your open ear this morning. we appreciate any assistance you can offer us at this sensitive moment. Sharpi is a shar pei and bull mix female, spade, 4+/- year old, loves elderly, children. Indoor dog. if you let her out in a fenced yard she will do her business hang outside for a bit and come back to the door when she is ready. Loves to go for walks. she needs a loving home and family. Thank you again for opening up your heart.

Courtesey Post - Sharpei

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