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I just received a call a plea, a Begging phone call from a previous adopter of hours. Natalie called me basically in tears and desperate for a female dog dodging traffic an older dog a defeated dog. she does not have a microchip so we cannot find the owner. She is on her back porch. she is docile sweet so loving. we have absolutely not one kennel available at this time. If anyone can offer her a safe place please otherwise she will be taken to a kill shelter and we all know her fate after that. If you can offer this sweet older girl a safe place instead of a cold kennel in a kill shelter where she will be most likely killed. Contact us directly. 561-860-3783 we have very little time.. She is absolutely broken and shaking with fear. I can’t even imagine what she will be like if she was dragged by a catch Pole to a shelter where she will be euthanized alone and scared

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