Carly and Cyprus are do adorable!

Mommy Carly & her Tiny 4 week young baby enjoying fresh air & sunshine 🌞

2 Comments on "Carly and Cyprus are do adorable!"

  • Kim says

    When is Carly and babu ready for adoption?

  • Joel Lleonart says

    Hi Tammy, my name is Joel. My mother-in-law’s name is Isabel Lage. She had put a hold on Carly and met her that very day on Feb 10th at the Miami Dade Animal Shelter. My mother-in-law has had experience with another chihuahua giving birth to 3 healthy pups. And she noticed that Carly seemed pregnant. When we brought it to the shelters attention they said they needed to run more analysis. And that she wouldn’t be able to be adoptable because if her pregnancy is far along she would have to go to a rescue. My mother-in-law was crushed and cried and promised she would find her and adopt her with all her pups. Please know we have the pictures with Carly and paperwork along with the chip identification to prove Isabel my mother-in-law had a hold on her to adopt her and nurture her back to health. My mother-in-law has adopted another chihuahua mix from Miami Dade Animal shelter and she is healthy and the most friendly and loving dog. Great around other dogs. Please contact me ASAP to see how we can adopt her along with Cypress.