Butterfly now Shelly update.

We not only gained an adopter for our little Butterfly aka Auntie Shelly, we gained a beautiful friend with one of the Biggest Most loving hearts 💕
Thank you Sandra for loving our beautiful girl and giving her the fairytale life we dreamed for her while erasing her horrible past. You are Truly her Angel sent. Diagnosed with cancer days after Sandra adopted our Butterfly, Sandra NEVER For 1 moment thought about giving up. Sandra has promised to love our Butterfly unconditionally. Sandra we love and appreciate you beyond measure. Sandra has a gift of making the most beautiful clothing harnesses that she creates by hand! Raising funds for our organization to continue saving more little babies like our beautiful Butterfly/Auntie Shelly ❤ If this doesn’t warm your heart, I don’t know what will. Thank you Sandra from All of our hearts at 100 + ABANDONED DOGS OF EVERGLADES FLORIDA
I’m happy to tell you that The Butterfly Collection auction raised $459.00. As soon as I collect the payment from my New York Dog Mom, Auntie Shelly and I will be sending the check your way, so you can help another baby find a happily ever after!
Love you all,
Sandra, Scarlett, Sierra and the amazing Auntie Shelly “Butterfly”

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