Bullet needs your help!

Dear God please give us the strength to continue. We are begging for your help. Bullet just a baby, 5 month male pitbull, diagnosed with parvo. We met this couple yesterday at Imperial point Animal Hospital. We’re getting puppy kisses from bullet. We asked a couple why they were here what was wrong with bullet he said he was not eating and he was lethargic but they had no money. I gave him a case of good food I opened up a can for bullet and he would not touch it. We got caught up with all rescues and bullet had left before we said goodbye. This morning I got a call from the couple that bullet was getting worse. I told them to bring bullet in immediately. Bullet tested positive for parvo. The owners cried and said their goodbyes and we took bullet under our wings. Estimated vet bill two to three thousand dollars to save bullet. Now we are asking for your help … please Donate so we can continue A 501c3 Organization.





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