Brokenhearted for Cupcake …

Brokenhearted for Cupcake …
Cupcake once had a Family. That family Abandoned her in boarding. Cupcake so sad and depressed wondering why they left her and never came back. We took cupcake under our wings almost 1 year ago. It destroys us to watch her sit day in and day out waiting for someone to offer to open up their home and heart to Cupcake. Cupcake does get some time out of the kennel and goes to our wonderful friend and volunteer loris home. Today Lori posted this photo before returning her to boarding. The second photo is her kennel all ready and waiting for her. Please we are asking for your help. Please consider opening up your home to Cupcake. One last glance at the pool before I go back to the kennel says cupcake. 😟
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