Blondie Adopted!!

Blondie was found under a truck in rural Miami in the most deplorable conditions with her litter of 9 tiny sick puppies has been adopted today. After months of medical treatment for scabies and parasites Blondie is home. Enjoy your new wonderful life!!

This was the text we received from her new mommy Debra later in the afternoon:
I can’t tell u how amazed by this dog she is so settled and content. Ate, pottied outside on our walk and now sound asleep
It’s been instant love:)

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1 Comment on "Blondie Adopted!!"

  • Anne B says

    Thank You Blondie….I adore your little girl…now my little girl “Tootsie” (formely Bertha). Please know that I will love, cherish, and of course spoil her furever!