Blake needs an angel to give him a chance!!

To inquire please email
Your trash is our TREASURE! Meet Blake, used for fighting, or for bait, dumped and left to die an agonizing death at a ramp to the turnpike, scared and in excruciating pain.. his legs, chest, neck and face mangled, yet when his rescuers arrived, and attempted to get him on a blanket for transport, even though he was in pain, he wagged his tail! He spent 10days in hospital, and was finally released to us less then 24hrs after getting to us, he was happy, learning to trust, relaxing, he let out the biggest sigh when he snuggled into me and rested his head over my shoulder. We will love him back to life, we will treat his wounds physical and emotional, treat his heartworm and we will give him everything he deserves, including a new forever home!! Below is the link to the video of his rescue, it is hard to watch, but this is sadly the reality for some..luckily Blake made it out alive🙏❤️🐶🐾
If you would like to adopt or foster Blake please email
*He MUST be the only pet in the home.*
And if you would like to donate towards Blake’s care and our ongoing mission, I included the link. 🙏❤️🐶🐾
**Click the below link for his rescue video**…

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