Big, sweet, goofy Alec!!

Big, sweet, goofy Alec!! I showed you video the other day of Dexter it’s Alecs turn..Alec was saved from MDAS the same day we pulled Dexter..we saw him, his cracked, bleeding, horribly sore body, and we knew we HAD to save him!! And boy are we glad we did!! This boy is the definition of love..and perfection!! Just under a year old, still a baby.. He loves everyone, he is calm, mild mannered, loves to play, is super goofy, walks fantastic on a leash, dog friendly.. just a big almost 70lb goofball!! He is going to be stunningly gorgeous when his hair comes in and he fills out.. he is truly and amazing dog, who needs an equally amazing forever home!! Super dog friendly!!! If you are interested in meeting him please email us at ♡
100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida

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