Bear is settling in beautifully.

Good Morning,

Hope all is well with you and the team. Bear is settling in beautifully. He is such a sweet baby. He is full of cuddles and snuggles. We discovered that he is completely piddle pad trained. He will only use the pads, so we are working on transitioning him to do his business outside (but he is not a fan of the grass). He has discovered the doggie toy-box, and loves the squeaky toys. We love him so much. He has only been here for a couple days, but he is already part of our family. He and Duck have taken over my bed.

He definitely does NOT like getting his harness on. I tried to put it in him this morning to take him for a walk, and he chewed on my hand. We stopped trying. We will try again later. He is such a good boy. He has discovered the cat, but kitty doesn’t want much to do with him. Duck is so happy to have him around. They have started to play a little bit together.

I am planning on taking him to my vet to get him established as a patient soon. Do you have a list of shots he recently had? Was he given any heart worm meds or flea meds?

We are so madly in love with him and so grateful that you allowed us to bring him into our home. I am a forever supporter of 100+, and am so thankful for all that you do! ❤ Sharon

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