Here are 10 of the 14 yorkies we rescued today. There is also mommy CiCi and her 3 five-day-old babies. If interested in adopting, contact us at 877-506-8100 or
100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida

14 Yorkies saved

8 Comments on "ATTENTION YORKIE FANS!!!"

  • Jackie Hidalgo says

    Can you tell me when they will be available for adoption? I would love to have Cutie, I am away until May ninth. Can you let me know. Thank you

  • Vanessa kruchkow says

    How old is cutie and male or female. Looking for female 6months or younger for play mate for our sweet Lennox.

  • Terry Powell says

    Can you tell me what your adoption fee is? I am very interesting in adopting on the yourkies you rescued.

    Thank you
    Terry Powell

  • Tammy, 100+ Crew Member says

    Hi Jackie,

    These dogs are very popular. Our phones, emails and messages are blowing up.
    At this time, we are asking everyone to submit an adoption application (found under the Adopt tab) to
    Thank you

  • Tammy, 100+ Crew Member says

    Hi Vanessa,

    Cutie is 10weeks old and in foster to adopt.


  • Tammy, 100+ Crew Member says

    Hi Terry,

    Our adoption fee is $175. If you are interested, please submit the completed application to


  • Quincy Quintana says

    Hello, I spoke to Amy about adopting one of the puppies or one of the females when they are ready for adoption. I filled out the application and sent it in this morning. Ready to come by when you are ready for me.

  • Tammy, 100+ Crew Member says

    Hi Quintana,

    You will have to call our adoption line at 877.506.8100 or email

    Thank you,